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Good things to know!!!

Things are changing all the time in Little League so we are going to help you keep up to date!

The following links will hellp you with some registration facts that you might need when it comes to the 2018 Season!

2018 Residence Eligibility

2018 Age Chart

Residental Boundary Lines

School Enrollment Form

As always if you have any questions please contact a board memeter : SKSLL Board

Registration Fact #1

#1 -- All Returning Major Players: When you register, please indicate if you prefer to stay on your team or if you prefer to go into the draft again. If you decide to go into the draft, please know that you MUST go to try outs again and it does NOT guarantee that you will go to the other team. You can be drafted to either team.

Please Note: If teams increase this season, all majors players will need to tryout. The player agent will follow up with all returning players

Registration Fact #2

#2 -- Residency and School Attendance Eligibility Requirements have changed. We still need 3 proofs of residency (Feb 1, 2017 - Feb 1, 2018) but they now have different groups that they can come from - one from each. Also the School Eligibility has changed - most notably that the report card is no longer a proof. We need to have the school form signed.

2018 Residence Eligibility & Proofs

Registration Fact #3

#3 -- Little League Baseball Age Chart. **VERY IMPORTANT CHANGES**

This is the document we use to know what league age your player is and be able to correctly place him in a division. This document is pretty simple to use and helps you know what 'league age' your player is. 2018 is the start of the new Age Chart - some players will have 'skipped' a league age and may be in another division as a result.

2018 Age Chart Baseball

Registration Fact #4

#4-- Calling ALL Volunteers, Managers & Coaches

Ok so this one deals with the adults. Registration is also your chance to talk to us, ask us questions, volunteer some of your time, sign up to be a manager or coach, sign up to be an umpire or sign up to help in the concession. We vote in all manager at our first February board meeting and will need all applications to be able to do that. The application is below along with the required Volunteer Froms. Both forms should be returned to either the Coaching Coordinator or the League President.

SKSLL Manager & Coach Application

Volunteer form 2018

Registration Fact #5

#5-- Buyouts availabe at Registration

This year we will again offer TWO different buyouts. One for Fundraising (we are MVP Cards) and one for Concessions. The buyouts are based on per player with a discount for the 3rd, much like registration.

Please note that we will still need volunteers for the concessions to be able to operate so we are hoping to put a group together of dedicated volunteers and teenagers with an incentive for them to work. It does give GREAT work experience for teenagers and we will happily right a letter for their volunteer time.

Those that don't buyout will be required to cover their player (s) assigned shifts in concessions and sell their allotment of MVP cards.

Registration Fact #6

#6-- Leagues Fields & Maintenace

Did you know that all of SK Southern's fields are owned by SKSLL? That means that we have to do ALL the work on them. No one does it for us, no outside help unless they volunteer to help.

We would really like to have a Field Maintenance Committee/Group so that we can be sure to get it all done and keep our complex looking great. Anyone can join, Greg Rustad can provide training, guidance and whatever else you might need to work on the fields.

Currently Managers are responsible for their fields but, as they say, "many hands make light work". There is a lot to do and help is needed. Whatever you can give is appreciated. All Ages are welcome - there is always something to do for any age. Let us know if want to be a part of it and we will add you to the list.

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