SKSLL is bringing back BAT-A-THON®!

For the 2021 Season we will bring this exciting baseball batting tournament to SKSLL as our primary fundraiser.  This hitting competition is a fun event that rewards the players and teams for being competitive and earn some great prizes doing so.

The BAT-A-THON® is a really easy way for player to help SKSLL raise funds to help improve and enhance their little league complex and give everyone a better place to play and have fun.

Our goal is to have every player participate in this year’s BAT-A-THON® and hopefully be able to bring in at least $50 in pledges.  On the day of the tournament, each player will have the opportunity to hit a set number of pitches and scored by judges depending how well the ball is hit and score points that are added up for the player’s Individual Batting Points.  Each player’s score is also added up for the Team’s Batting Points.

Each player is competing against all the other players in their division for the most Individually Batting Points. And each team is competing against the teams in their division for the most Team Batting Points.

Prizes are also earned by obtaining Pledges which will earn your player Points (aka prize points).   Pledge Points are obtained by getting people to sponsor you and your team.  People who want to sponsor your player have two ways to sponsor - Pledges and Flat Donations. 

We hope that everyone will participate and enjoy this fun tournament but we understand that sometimes it just isn’t possible for a player or family so we are offering a BAT-A-THON® Fundraising Buy-Out that is available at registration.  Good News, if your player wants to participate after all, we will transform your buy out to pledge points for them in addition to any other pledges they may decide to collect.  It will still count towards prized offered at the event.

SKSLL has substantial operating expenses including the purchase of uniforms, equipment, hundreds of baseballs and upkeep of our fields and complex.  Registration and sponsorships cover a good portion of overall expenses, however, SKSLL aims to continue improving facilities to improve the overall experience for our players and families.  In order to do that, we need funds beyond what we collect now which is why we need to fundraise.

Don’t forget … the donations are tax-deductible as we are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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